The Man Who Sold The World


Nightsticks Journal entry 21.4.1992

Big lump on my pate and slight bleeding from the left ear, possible brain damage, must look further but not today.
The investigation line, that started from the fellow in the street in front of ms. Walsh apartment, took several unexpected and worrisome turns. 
First, there is a wendigo on the loos.
At first the clues were flimsy, disappearances, violence and such but then the trail led us to the apartment of one Sydney Byden- a dirty ex-cop and a current security guard of Rice Enterprises, We found a sketch of a skeletal human-dear hybrid monster which after some research matches my family record of the Wendigo that Killed the Donner party in 1847

A second clue- map of the latest Rice Assets urban renovation project (Clean name for the destruction of my neighborhood) led us to the old St. Poul playground where a utility hole led to an underground tunnel where we found dozens of partially consumed corpses including Rachel's. Shocked by the gruesome site, we searched among the dead and found Father James- the pastor of old St. Paul church in Birch street, alive but trapped in a tangle of roots and twigs. He was attacked and was placed here probably to be killed and eaten like the rest. 
Before we could leave the underground mass grave, somebody closed and blocked the utility hole above us. Mark tried to "dragon" us out of there, but that only triggered an earthquake. We managed to find a rout out through the old sewer systems but during the aftershocks, a large piece of masonry hit my head.
Once out we made our way to St. Paul church where the entire community fled to as it is also the neighborhood emergency shelter. We told Father James everything and he confronted Ms. Byden- Sydnies wife (whom Mark and I met at her door the previus night when we looked for Sydny) this caused her to leave the church angry,

Looking at our final clue from Biden's apartment- a calendar of this month with four marked dates. Three of these were marked with names or description of dead or missing individuals- 1. Jackie Penn: A Rice Assets employee that was signed on the playground map and went missing the same weak, 2. Robinson- a name that matched a police officer badge in the cave, and 3. Chicken and Egg waitress- matches Rachel Walsh whose shreded uniforms were also in the cave. The fourth marked date is today date and on it is an address of an empty construction yard where the St. Paul communal pool used to be. We are headed there now and hope to find and stop the Wendigo before more of my neighbors die. 


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