Cheatsheet and rule summary

Power tags

Broad power tag: Only one per character (p. 114).

Too broad power tags: May only be used with Change The Game move. Counts as a broad power tag (p. 115).

Invoking and burning

Invoke power tag: Invoke when relevant to the move. Add 1 to your power (p. 217).

Burn power tag: Mark the tag as burnt  . It cannot be invoked until recovered (p. 221).

Invoke team tag: Invoke when relevant to the move. Add 1 to your power & burn tag (p. 227).

Burning a power tag for a hit: Burn tag and treat move as a roll of 7 + Power=3 (P. 222).

Invoke weakness tag: Invoke when relevant to the move. Subtract 1 from power & mark attention on relevant theme (p. 219).


You mark attention:

  • If you invoked a weakness tag (p. 219).
  • When you sacrifice something you truly want in favor of your Identity (a.k.a Making a hard choice, p. 291).
  • When you find answers to your Mystery while gaining a deeper understanding of your Mythos (p. 287).
  • During Montage (downtime), if you choose to pay attention to your identity or explore your mythos (p. 271).

When you mark 3 attention, choose one for the relevant theme:

  • New power tag (p 280).
  • Add, remove or rewrite weakness. Must have at least one (p. 281).
  • Choose theme improvement (p. 281). Choose this if this is a crew theme.
  • Reset Fade/Crack (p. 282).


You mark fade/crack:

  • When you forego a chance to gain answers to your mystery (p. 291).
  • When you neglect your Identity (p. 291).
  • When you find answers to your Mystery and are shocked by this discovery (p. 287).
  • When you neglect your crew Identity/Mystery. One other player must agree on the relevance of this to your crew theme (p. 292).

When you mark 3 fade/crack, do all:

  • Replace theme with nascent theme (p. 301)
  • Gain build- up points equal to no. of tags+ no. of improvements -3 (p.299).
  • Gain nemeses (p. 300).


Nascent theme: Has one power tag and one weakness tag (p. 301).

When you mark 5 build- up, gain a moment of evolution (p. 303).

Cheatsheet and rule summary

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